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Magic 6 Seasoning

Shipping round one today! Bottles on ord

The #Magic6 is our custom blend used on all of our meats, green veggies and many of our staple dishes. It's that mmmm.... everyone comments on. Love of course is the other thing. But I can't bottle that😉

It's a great way to break up with your dependency on salt as well. With garlic, onion, celery, smoked paprika and other herbs that provide a complete flavor profile.

Gluten free and Vegan

Buy Today for only $6.95

The #Magic6 is our custom blend used on
It really will help you break your salt
The #Magic6 strikes again!! This time in
The reviews!!!🥰🥰🥰 #Magic6 #secretsauc
Still loving the reviews! Jars arrived t
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